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-- 4 alt ctrl game jam --

A short vignette-style game about the creator working through some sexuality stuffs by trying to punch her heart out.

A comically-anatomically-correct heart controller. Hooked up to some tinyduinos, this guy can detect shakes, punches, squeezes, and every other heart-breaking, anxiety-inducing, rib-crushing internal feeling.

Go through the game and proceed through the musings and journalings of how freakin' bisexual Dee is and how much that scares the shit out of her.

Remember, the game only progresses if you are self-punishing!

*~*~ Walkthrough Video! ~*~*

*~* Controller Demo Video! *~*

Music by Jared at https://soundcloud.com/jaredledoux

Art by jeff at http://tinymonsterstudios.com/

Interested in more details?

The Heart Shake Controller is:

  • A tinyduino processor board
  • A coin cell battery
  • A tinyduino accelerometer shield
  • Attached via the usb shield
  • A stuffed heart from an ex-lover from a few years ago (at the time, I operated on a very emotional level and the lover operated on a very logical level. I asked them if they could express themselves more outwardly and they gave me this stuffed anatomical heart)
  • A bunch of safety pins
  • a permanent black marker
  • some spare fabric
Published Sep 21, 2015
Tagsarduino, Controller, vignette

Install instructions

The game is intended to run with the lil heart dude controller. However, keyboard hacks are given to youuuu~!

keyboard haxx

"P" for Punch. Punch punch punch your heart! or Party Punch!

"P" several times to shake. Shake that heart hard when you don't know what else to do but feel angry at yourself, mirite?

"Ssssss" for squeeeeeeze. Squeeze. Squeezing is comforting. Squeeze.


Open the game in windowed mode!


heart shake the game 16 MB

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